In how much time would an ambulance arrive if a corporate subscribes to Seva PRO’s “Ambulance on call” program

Seva PRO has empanelled quality ambulance vendors across the country, the total fleet being in excess of 5000 ambulances. An ambulance would arrive in a maximum of 30 minutes

Are Seva PRO nurses qualified ?

Not only are Seva PRO nurses qualified, their background checks are done through an independent agency. Seva PRO puts a lot of emphasis on training their nurses in both technical and soft skills. Compassion is the buzzword at Seva PRO.

What kind of doctors are sent by Seva PRO to industrial houses ?

Seva PRO ensures all compliances. In industrial houses , Seva PRO sends AFIH (Associate Fellow of Industrial Health) doctors.

What kinds of ambulances does Seva PRO provide ?

Seva PRO would send out an ambulance as per need. Basic Life Support ambulances and Cardiac ambulances are available for both Covid and Non- Covid patients.

What happens to the bio-medical waste generated in the Medical Rooms ?

Bio-medical waste from Medical Rooms are disposed off via designated bins. This is done through authorised vendors in each State. Seva PRO ensures liaison between the corporate and the bio-waste vendor

Does Seva PRO have tie-ups with hospitals in the vicinity of the medical room in a corporate ?

Seva PRO ties-up with hospitals in the vicinity of the medical rooms so that early treatment is rendered to the patient who is brought in. However, there is no commercial arrangement between Seva PRO and the the hospitals