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Compassionate and verified care providers for senior healthcare at home.

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    Introduction to Seva At Home

    Seva At Home was created as a solution to the rising problem of insufficient healthcare facilities and lack of caregivers for the elderly in India.

    The elderly members of a family deserve to have access to better services, experiences and quality remote care services for those distant from their family to lessen the burden of ageing. 

    With the aim of making these golden years shine as bright as possible, the founders of Seva At Home came together to develop a system that would be able to help family members take care of their loved ones within the comfort of their homes even though they are away from them or working abroad, yet still secure their family’s welfare.

    Why Seva At Home?

    Seva At Home has a solid foundation when it comes to providing remote care services. Compassion and care are at our core.

    Our team has a combined average experience of over 25 years in terms of delivering quality care services to your loved ones.  With the goal to ensure that all our clients receive the highest quality home and healthcare, we are committed to providing quality, home healthcare assistance. We have a highly-qualified and trained team of senior care experts that not only provide outstanding care services but also treat them like their own family.