Seva PRO – the B2B arm of Seva At Home

Why Seva At PROwas created – Having tasted success in creating a solution to the rising problem of insufficient healthcare facilities and lack of care providers that are available for the elderly in India, the founders of Seva At Home decided to extend this to the corporate world.

Seva PRO was thus launched. With Seva PRO, the company has now forayed into Corporate Wellness. Home care facilities are now available for corporate employees when the organisation partners with Seva At Home. The employee can log on to the Seva PRO platform and avail services of doctor / nurse / care attendant / physiotherapist / nutritionist at home for himself or herself and his / her family members.

Seva PRO doctors and nurses manage Medical Rooms in corporates, schools, industrial houses, residential complexes and malls. The nurse takes care of day to day ailments thereby saving productive time. He / She checks each employee coming in for COVID symptoms so that he or she may be sent back if required. The nurse is equipped to deal with emergencies and administers basic life support when necessary. He / she evacuates the employee to a nearby hospital in case of emergency. Seva PRO doctor ensures regular check up. He / She is of immense help in case an employee suffers from lifestyle disorder or a chronic ailment. He / She is able to discuss the individual employee’s diagnostic report as well. The doctor may be consulted on any other problems that an employee may have.

Seva PRO provides the best of services in Emergency Medical Response. In emergency situations, every second counts.The first few minutes could be critical in saving a life. Ambulances stationed at corporate premises ensure a quick evacuation of a critical employee to a nearby hospital. Seva PRO’s ambulance on call service ensures that a corporate employee has access to  an ambulance anywhere in the country.

Seva PRO offers to the corporate world a telehealth service wherein the employees have access to expert medical advice on phone, chat or video from a doctor who is just a call away. This is particularly useful in thes COVID times when one would not like to visit a hospital or a clinic nearby for a non- COVID aiment.

Seva PRO undertakes health checks – both annual and pre-employment for corporate employees. Seva PRO has empaneled the best of diagnostic centres and hospitals across the country for the purpose. Individual reports as well aggregate corporate reports are provided. This helps the management to know what the organisation is more predisposed to and thus design Wellness programs for the employees accordingly.

Seva PRO organises Wellness programs for corporates through webinars and face to face on a variety of physical and mental health topics.

Seva PRO welcomes corporates to avail our services and extend healthcare benefits to their employees.